Unexpected Monsters (2018)

Short Film / Drama


Original language: english

Duration: 10:13 mins

Location: Berlin

Production by:

Löwenstroh Productions &

Empress Films Int.

Cast: Nora Jensen, Laura Luisa Garde,Giovanna Nodari,

Jerry Kwarteng, Bernardus Manders


Unexpected Monsters shows a mother-daughter conflict with the essential question of either sticking to the past or accepting the present as it is.


Adela and her estranged daughter Liza know about their inner monster and have chosen to deal with it in different ways. While Liza keeps working on her career as an international actress, preferring to cut the mother off of her life, Adela can´t leave it all behind and stalks her daughter at public events, to be close to her. Their confrontation is pre-set and evokes the question of who is wrong or right. Or if that is possible at all.



Screenings and Awards

- Premiere: Cinema Of The World Film Festival, Mumbai, 2018; Award: Best set design


- Premiere Germany: Filmreif - Bundesfestival Junger Film, 2018