Löwenstroh Productions is a writer/producer-driven label, dedicated to bringing real, honest and magical stories. Our narratives embrace exploring the routes of outer and inner journeys, resonating with their audience on a mental health level. We put the finger into the wound to heal it.


We are dedicated to feeding a community that is unstoppable from making a difference. Our content is tailor made to inspire, provoke change, and raise awareness on topics that deserve more attention. Our audience is interested in short, fresh formats representing art and culture, social and new work development, innovation&tech as well as sustainability and gender equality. 


Collaboration lies at the heart of our creative process. We value the synergy that emerges from working in every collective project, where international and diverse talents are invited to bring up their unique skills, perspectives and voices. Our passion lives in creating safe spaces for diverse formats while transforming ideas into media.


Films . Handmade .  With Love .